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ISMTE Award Winners
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ISMTE Award for Excellence 

The ISMTE Award for Excellence recognizes members who possess a track record of success of helping their publications excel though consistent excellent service and exemplary management of their role.  


ISMTE Award for Achievement or Innovation

With the Award for Achievement or Innovation, ISMTE aims to recognize those members who have improved their publications through exploration and innovation, pushing the boundaries of their role and expanding the meaning of what it means to be a professional managing or technical editor.


ISMTE Jason Roberts Founder's Award

The Founder's Award is for those members who have reshaped our industry through an outstanding idea/contribution. Named after ISMTE's founding president, Jason Roberts, this award recognizes members who have made extraordinary steps toward defining the future of peer review management. 



2016 Award Winners 

Award for Excellence


Award for Achievement or Innovation

Deborah Bowman
Senior Managing Editor of Clinical Publications in the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy



Deborah scored very highly in all three areas marked in both awards, receiving the highest marks out of all nominees for 'consistent excellent service’, ‘exemplary management of their role’ and improving their publication through exploration and innovation' which was clearly demonstrated to us in the nomination letter.
"Winning two awards from the ISMTE has been an amazing experience. I have been a member since the organization’s beginning, and I remember well the first time I heard about the group. Jason Roberts spoke at the Editorial Manager Users Group meeting about a society that he was starting for Managing Editors, and I knew immediately that I needed to be a part of it. I had been looking into various organizations, but they all seemed to be aimed toward Publishers, Copyeditors, everything except Managing Editors. The ISMTE sounded perfect for my needs, and indeed it has been. To be given these awards for Excellence and for Achievement & Innovation from my peers, people who truly understand what is involved in our professional lives, is especially meaningful.
 I am at an age where friends declare, seemingly with pride, that they are “tech stupid” and set in their ways, so to win an award for innovation is especially thrilling. I have always believed that everyone should keep learning and striving for excellence throughout their lives and should let their light shine. These awards are a wonderful affirmation that I am succeeding with that.
Thank you all!"
Deborah Bowman, MFA, ELS
Senior Managing Editor of Clinical Publications, ASGE


Jason Roberts Founders Award

Irene Hames, PhD
Editorial and Publishing Consultant

We had excellent nominations but the marks awarded by the individual members of the committee clearly placed Irene ahead of her peers in both main areas considered in this award.

Irene has been a leading voice addressing the ever changing ecosystem of peer review, she is a true pioneer who has taken extraordinary steps towards defining the future of peer review management which was clearly demonstrated to us in the multiple nomination letters.

"It’s an enormous honour and delight to have been chosen to receive the Jason Roberts Founder’s Award this year. ISMTE has, and always will have, a special place in my heart, so thank you for this award.
In 2007, when ISMTE was founded, there was no organisation devoted to bringing together and supporting managing editors and editorial office staff. It was a great privilege to be a member of the founding Board of Directors and work with such a dedicated and committed group of individuals to try to make Jason Roberts’s dream of such an organisation a reality. In 2016, the Society is an important and vibrant organisation that provides a large number of valuable and up-to-date resources, as well as a very interactive and stimulating community. The existence of the Society and the high esteem in which it is held is, I believe, one of the reasons that the role of editorial staff has become more recognised and important. We are living in a rapidly changing scholarly publishing world, an exciting time of new challenges and innovations, and I have no doubt that the Society will meet the challenges and prepare its members for a new and diverse future."

Irene Hames, PhD
Twitter: @irenehames

2016 Finalists 

 Award for Excellence  Award for Achievement or Innovation  Jason Roberts Founders Award
 Sarah McCormick
Michelle English
Margot Puerta
Heather Blasco
Lacey Earle
Donald Samulack 
Kathlyn Berryman
Jennifer Deyton and Julie Nash
Jessica Rucker 


2015 Award Winners

Award for Excellence

Mary L. Chang
Publications Manager, American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Mary scored very highly in all three areas marked in this award, receiving the highest marks out of all nominees for both 'consistent excellent service' and 'exemplary management of their role.'

Award for Achievement or Innovation

Tim Vines
Managing Editor, Molecular Ecology

Tim was a clear winner in this category with high scores in all three marked areas with an outstanding mark in 'improving their publications through exploration and innovation' which was clearly demonstrated to us in his nomination letter.


Jason Roberts Founder's Award

Elizabeth Blalock
Managing Editor, Journal of Investigative Dermatology

We had three excellent nominations but the marks awarded by the individual members of the committee clearly placed Elizabeth ahead of her peers in both main areas considered in this award.


 "Jan presented me the Founder's Award today at the RTP local group meeting. I'm honored to be recognized in this way by ISMTE. The organization means so much to me, and I am happy to continue to find ways contribute."

Elizabeth Blalock


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